A skin lightening cream trusted
by doctors.

Give your skin a gorgeous glow with
six of nature’s finest ingredients
blended into an exquisite,
skin-lightening elixir — Golite..

Nature’s Way
To Healthy Skin

Golite presents an effective solution to hyperpigmentation and melasma.

This skin-lightening cream is the perfect blend of nutrients and antioxidants that protect your skin from harsh UV rays, help lighten the skin tone, and reduce hyperpigmentation.

Need a reason to Golite?



Supports the skin texture, offers antioxidants, and has anti aging effects.


Helps to slow down melanogenesis and participates in melanin formation.

Licorice Extracts 0.08%

Obtained from the roots of Glycrrhia glabra, it possesses anti-inflammatory properties.


Contains a vitamin complex called arbutin (Vit C, Vit E, Vit F, Vit P) and helps in reducing age spots, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.

Shuttle Kojic Acid™

An anti-proliferative skin-lightening agent that inhibits tyrosinase activity in melanin synthesis.

Galanga Extract

Protects from harmful UV rays and delays aging of skin cells.

Created with care.
Blessed with goodness.

  • Peg Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Steroid Free
  • Cruelty Free

How To Use

Cleanse your face with a soap free cleanser and pat dry.

Map your skin tone on the skin tone shade card. Apply a dab of Golite cream on concern areas in a circular motion. Do this twice daily.

After 3 months of regular application, map the skin tone of concern areas with the shade card to check the lightening of the skin tone.

Skin stories

Healthy Skin
Wasn’t Built In A Day.

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I recently started developing acne. The breakouts and residual scars were becoming quite frustrating. I tried Golite on my doctor’s recommendation. It took 2-3 months, but I’m finally seeing results. With the right diet and proper hydration, I’m able to manage the acne well and feel confident in my skin.

Michelle D’Abreo
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I’ve been dealing with skin tanning and discolouration for over two years. While I was using basic sunscreens then, I was never happy with the results. A little over four months ago, I started using Golite cream along with my sunscreen as recommended by my skin specialist. My skin has shown improvement since then.

Farheen Khan
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The side effects of beauty products have always stopped me from using them regularly. Ever since I found Golite, three months back, I haven’t faced any side effects. My skin looks refreshed.

Aishwarya Kulkarni
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Around five months back, I noticed uneven and dark tones on my skin. That’s when my friend recommended Golite cream to me. It has been a good experience, and I’m happy that I included it in my daily skincare routine.

Divya Iyer
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The dark patches on my skin always made me self-conscious and unconfident. Additionally, the suntan hads made it worse. Even though I was uncertain about trying skin-lightening products, I’m glad I did. Golite has been really helpful. My skin feels and looks much better now.

Rishika Shroti
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The wrinkles and dark spots on my skin always bothered me. Despite trying different products, I never got satisfactory results. I started using Golite two months ago, and now I can see the changes. The signs of aging have started to disappear, and my skin feels more even.

Ankita Shirodkar
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Brighter, and glowing skin always seemed like a far-off dream for me. But a few months ago, I was introduced to Golite. It has made my skin smoother and brighter. Now, it is a constant product in my skincare regimen.

Simran Jain
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Because of my sensitive skin, I'm alwaysI’m was always careful while trying new skin care products. But the dark patches and rough, bumpy skin forced me to look for a reliable solution. My dermatologist recommended Golite for three months. It’s my 3rd month and I haven’t faced any irritation and have seen visible results.

Alankrita Shinde
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Even after using a good amount of sunscreen, I used to get tanned every time I stepped out. Add to that the constant acne breakouts that worsened the situation. That’s when I decided to try Golite along with a high SPF sunscreen. Not only has my tanning reduced but my acne scars have faded a little too.

Radhika Sharma
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I’ve been dealing with hyperpigmentation for quite some time. Even after trying several products, it showed no improvement. I switched to Golite five months back, and it has shown consistently good results.

Shweta Singh

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